Call it Easy Language programming, EasyLanguage programming, or OOEL –  let us make your programming request easy and affordable.  I have been programming in TradeStation’s EasyLanguage code since 1994 and am a widely published author, expert witness, and CNBC commentator on all things TradeStation.

There are good reasons to consider me for your next programming job.  Here are a few:

  • 23+ years of full-time Easylanguage programming experience
  • Fast and economical Tradestation programming service
  • Provides a firm quote based on your specification
  • Confidentiality is always maintained to the highest degree
  • Extensive knowledge of Easylanguage including Object Oriented code (OOEL)
  • Has a vast library of custom code that makes the job easier
  • Served as Easylanguage expert witness in several legal cases
  • Knowledgeable about Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex, ETFs, and Indexes
  • Has had trading experience managing futures portfolios
  • Has written and published books on learning Easylanguage
  • Published the industry’s only Easylanguge periodical (by-monthly ) for 6 years
  • Was chosen by TradeStation to be the Easylanguage Editor in their quarterly journal (no longer in publication).
  • Provides real-time hands-on training to new users of TradeStation
  • Able to support clients on all versions of Tradestation including TS2000i
  • Works alone and do all Easylanguage programming myself. You can reach me easily by phone.
  • Guarantees programming work and fixes all issues promptly

So if you have an EasyLanguage project that could use help, call me.

Alternately, if you want to become a programmer there is no easier or better way than with the EasyLanguage Learning-By-Example Workbook 2016 e-Book that I have written. Other services include TradeStation trading tools, trading system testing and consulting. For over 20 years I have been providing affordable programming services to Tradestation clients around the world. In addition, I have developed several products for TradeStation users and I am the leader in the industry in providing training in the Tradestation platform and educational material for learning Easy Language programming. You can find a complete listing of products for sale in the Products.

See my latest article in TraderPlanet Magazine: Bring Home the Gold: Test Your System for Success



Easylanguage Learning by Example Workbook 2016
With 100 pages of new material for TS9.1, it is now over 280 pages long,
The fastest easiest way to learn Easylanguage programming. This book comes in PDF format and is available for download from the website. Order it in the Products.

Also Released: Indicators for Multi-Timeframe Tick Charts
Trading on multiple time frames using a tick chart is now possible in TradeStation!
Full details at Tick Trading Tools

Link to TraderPlanet article: TraderPlanet Article

“How Good is My Strategy” link to TraderPlanet ELD file: Code ELD Archive File
“How Good is My Strategy” link to TraderPlanet txt file: Code Text File
LBE Book: “The Architecture of the Primes” – “The Architecture of the Primes” – IES_PrimeIndicators.eld

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